Impact of the Arts

Why are the arts so important to Columbus?

$226 million in economic activity and 8,500 jobs

The Columbus arts community generates tax dollars, wages, spending and jobs for our region. It is a huge economic force of artists, museum workers, arts marketers, and more. When we add in the for-profit creative sector, Columbus is an arts powerhouse with $3 billion+ in annual receipts and 25,000 jobs.

Tourism and convention business

From theater performances to our many popular museums, Columbus is a go-to place for families, couples, young professionals and adults. Increasingly we are a must-see town that attracts tourists and conventioneers.

Talent attraction and retention

With jobs on the rise in the Columbus region, the workforce becomes an important issue. Attracting and retaining the best depends on sustaining our open, terrific arts culture and high quality of life.

Entrepreneurship and neighborhood transformation

From trendy Short North and German Village to the emerging Franklinton neighborhood, the arts are pioneering places where people want to gather and live. The arts are visible in shops, restaurants, homes and walkways adding color and liveliness.

Cultural diversity, idea exchanges and shared experiences

The arts unite us in non-formal ways that cross-economic and cultural lines, and build trust, acceptance and creativity.

The Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) Arts Funding Plan

Get behind a plan based on shared responsibility! GCAC, along with arts leadership, has developed a ten-year plan to secure the vitality of our arts.

The Basic Tenets Are Simple

  • Develop strategies to increase ticket and merchandise sales, and earn related income.
  • Broaden and strengthen corporate support through a more focused effort.
  • Establish a Community Investment Fund at the Columbus Foundation to provide a vehicle for endowments and planned gifts.
  • Work with elected leaders to identify and pursue new, additional public funding sources.

Arts Sustainability Study*

The Columbus Foundation study found that Columbus Arts Organizations were undercapitalized, with limited capacity to adapt and grow.

9th Columbus ranking compared to 14 benchmark cities

4% Total working capital of Columbus Arts Organizations is just 4% of Indianapolis’

10% Total working capital of Columbus Arts Organizations is just 10% of benchmark cities’ average

*2011 AMS Planning & Research Corp.

What Can You Do

  • Thank public officials for their past support for the arts.
  • Write letters and send e-mails to news outlets, elected leaders and others to let them know of your support for the arts, and their impact on your life.
  • Advocate for the GCAC shared responsibility plan. Return on investment — by meeting funding goals

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