Arts Legal Assistance Program

2017 Grant Guidelines

The Greater Columbus Arts Council (Arts Council) and the Columbus Bar Association (CBA) have partnered to offer pro bono legal assistance for Franklin County artists and small arts organizations. The Arts Legal Assistance Program is offered for arts related issues based on CBA defined areas of legal support (i.e., contracts, copyright and trademark issues, and lease agreements). Some assistance is provided for business structure or 501(c)(3) applications.

The program supports individual artists and smaller arts groups. As an initial guideline this would include arts organizations with annual budgets of less than $500,000.

To ensure pro bono services are available to the broadest group, it is expected that program participants will be limited to using the program twice over a 12-month period.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. Artists and organizations seeking assistance should submit a completed form with necessary support materials to the Grants & Services Department. Arts Council Staff will do a preliminary evaluation of the request to ensure it is within the program scope. Your request will be sent to the CBA for assignment to a volunteer attorney. It can take up to three weeks to be contacted by an attorney. Please note that the volunteer attorney facilitating your case may limit the scope of legal services provided.

Arts Legal Assistance form: ALA Request-Form. Please email to

*For more assistance, we encourage you to contact Capital Law School (614.236.6500), the Columbus Bar Association (614.221.4112), and the Moritz College of Law (614.292.2631) to inquire about their pro-bono services for artists and entrepreneurs.

For more information, refer to Appendix 6 – Arts Legal Asst FAQ and Appendix 6 – Arts Legal Asst FAQ